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Driving theory test

Did you know that the pass rate of UK Driving theory test was about 59% in 2012. So almost 40% of learners failed their first attempt.

Here are some very important tasks which you should complete before going to the official theory test:

  • Practice DVLA theory test online
  • Learn road signs
  • Learn highway code
  • Practice hazard perception video sample clips

Pass mark in DVLA theory test multiple choice part

Category Time allowed  in multiple choice questions Pass mark is
Car / motorcycle 57 min. 43 / 50 
Lorry and bus 1 hour and 55 min. 85 / 100

Pass mark in DVLA hazard perception

Category Number of hazard clips Amount of developing hazards  Pass mark is
Car, motorcycle 14  15 44 / 75
Lorry, bus 19  20 67 / 100