Theory test 2015

Here you can find answers to UK DVLA theory test related questions.

How much theory test costs?

Car and motorcycle DVLA theory test costs £25 (and will drop to £23 starting from october 2015) . The price is same at weekdays and weekends. Remember that these are the official prices, unofficial websites may charge more. Check the latest price from GOV.UK -site. After theory test you need to take practical test, and normally the price for car is £62 and weekends £75.

How to book theory test 2015?

Rule number one, use the official GOV.UK website to book your theory test. Any other website may charge more. When book theory test, you need your provisional driving licence and email address. If you fail your theory test, you need to wait 3 days to be able to try again.

What is the pass mark for UK theory test 2015?

UK Theory test 2015 pass mark for car and motorcycle multiple choice test is 43/50. Hazard perception part includes 14 video clips and pass mark is 44/75. You need to pass both, multiple choice and hazard perception to pass the whole test. Remember that 40% failed at first attempt in 2013, so remember to practice enough.

How many questions are in theory test 2015?

Car and motorcycle theory test includes 50 multiple choise questions and 14 hazard percepiton video clips. After multiple choise questions you will have 3 minutes pause before hazard perception clips. 

How to practice for hazard perception test?

You can practice to hazard perception test by using online training material. Hazard perception part includes 14 video clips and pass mark is 44/75. All hazard perception clips in the test contains 1-2 developing hazard.